Well, it looks like you found me!


If you landed here you either got lucky, saw the great stuff we get to do for Childrens Mercy (would you like to donate?), or you found one of my contact cards at some point.

If you took a pic with me, I would love a copy, you can use one of the below to contact me(or feel free to tag me!), or if you did not take a pic, you can still keep up with me!

You may know me as a Ghostbuster, Hellboy, Dr. Venture, or just that one guy from the internet.

Look me up on most social media under the name @crunkpanda, the only exception is twitter, but you can find my feed and follow me if you look to the right! - Be sure to check out the Cafepress site too and maybe grab a shirt or something and spread the PANDAmonium!

If you are interested in any business inquiries or appearances, please send me a message through any of the social media platforms listed and I will definitely get back in touch with you! Thanks for stopping by!

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